Make a Fall Wreath

 It's finally fall here in the south and we celebrated the season this week in Sewing Club by making fall wreaths.  I already have Frankie's hanging on our front door.  It's so sweet!
 We used foam wreaths found at Dollar Tree, but you could use any style of wreath or large circle.  The silk leaves and flowers came from various craft stores.  We cut them into smaller sections for the kids to use.
 To begin, you have to make strips of fall colored fabric.  This was one of the best parts!  We showed the kids how to make a small snip on the selvedge of the fabric and then rip the fabric down the grain line.  They got really into the ripping!
Once you have a collection of strips, start wrapping them around your wreath.  When you get to the end, just tie on another strip of fabric.  Once your wreath is covered, either tie off the ends or tuck them under.
 Now you can get creative and decorate the wreath with silk leaves, felt birds and turkeys, or pinecones.  The kids used hot glue mostly, but we found you could also sew the leaves onto the wrapped fabric.  Just add a ribbon for hanging.  We also found that they made super cute fall crowns!

Happy Fall!

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