Halloween Spoon Dolls

This week in Sewing Club we had fun making Halloween spoon dolls.   What a hit!  I had thought about spoon dolls before, but had never made them with kids.  Watch out - now I'll be making them every semester.   For awesome inspiration, just Google "spoon doll images".
They are quick, creative, use up lots of scraps, and are an instant toy.  Plus, they appeal to kids of any age.  After making them, the kids immediately began to put on puppet shows.
 You can certainly paint your spoon doll faces, but we used Sharpies for quick results.
 The project was totally up to interpretation.  I think the spoon above was influenced by Minecraft...
 ...while here the spoon became a witch's broom.
I love this amazing beehive hairdo spoon doll created by a fourth grader.  She wrapped yarn around a cork and then hotglued it to the top of the spoon.
The kids made the clothing and capes by cutting out rectangles of fabric, sewing a loose running stitch along the top and then pulling it tight so that it gathers up.  Use the extra thread to wrap the clothes tightly around the neck of the spoon and knot off.  We also used a lot of hot glue.
Spoon dolls ready for a Halloween party!

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