Back to School Projects Your Kids Will Love

Go back to school with some fun projects from Sewing School.   I had fun sewing with a group of great kids at Sew Memphis this summer and we turned a few yards of fabric into several projects perfect for back to school.

The Zippy Pouch from Sewing School 2 is essential for holding school supplies while the Locker Pocket is a simple, yet perfect decoration for any locker.  The Lunchbox Napkin is a quick project (details below).
We also made the Etc. Backpack from Sewing School 2.  This drawstring tote holds everything you need for sports, P.E., or a playdate.  This is one of those super simple, but satisfying projects that I love making with kids.
How to make a Lunchbox Napkin:
Take two squares of fabric about 10 inches square (we actually just traced the Sewing School book as our pattern!) and sew them together with the good sides facing, leaving a little hole.  Next, turn the napkin right-side out and iron if needed.  Stitch around the entire napkin, closing the hole.  You can make one for every day of the week!

Happy back to school!

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