Sewing School Alums

This year for Sewing School camp I had a great group of Sewing School alums helping me.  It was so much fun to watch them share their knowledge and love of sewing with a new group of kids.
The campers loved them soooo much!  They worked hard, too!  

Throughout camp, we had fun laughing at the pictures of them in the Sewing School books.  Now, they have braces and contacts and are much older and wiser.  If you are a Sewing School reader, you'll recognize these cute faces, just a few years older.
Francis is a 7th grader now and enjoyed teaching kids how to make the Etc. Backpack at camp.
Stella is about to enter high school and is still using her tiny little sewing machine.
Annie is going to be a sophomore in high school and has become quite the runner.
Caroline is also a sophomore and excited about learning Mandarin.

I hope that they will come back and help me next year!

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