Heart in Hand Quilt

My first school auction quilt - Heart in Hand.  I am so proud of the work that these sweet second graders did.
We have a big class this year, 54 students.  The kids got into embroidering the outline of their hands.  We used soap to trace the hands which they thought was quite clever.
 After their hands were stitched, a heart was added using heat-n-bond lite.  Then, the kids embroidered around the heart.
The fabric is this amazing blue hombre and the print is by Jenean Morrison.  We wanted a theme and fabric colors that would appeal to both boys and girls and be cute and nice, but not too cutesy.  This was a hard task, but I think we achieved it!
We also added a few school touches with some anchors, our school emblem, and the kids' names are professionally embroidered on the back.  The quilt was pieced and quilted by Sew Darla, a friend and amazing quilter.
The best part?  Finding your hand on the quilt!  I am so happy that this special quilt found a wonderful home.

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