Toddler Sew: Lucky Pouch

 While this post is a week late, I had to show off the super cute Lucky Pouches we stitched up in our St. Patrick's Day Toddler Sew.  They were such a big hit, and open to variations.
 To begin, our wonderful librarians shared some favorite St. Patrick's Day themed books.
 The pouches are made of orange burlap cut into 6 inch squares.  I hot glued a sparkly shamrock on one side.  We used my favorite lacing strings and plastic needles.  Since we were sewing with a group, I had the pouches ready to go with the first stitch through both squares.
 First time sewers got some help from adults.  Holding the fabric taut and letting kids stick the needle between your hands makes toddler sewing easy.
Once the three sides were sewn, I added a little ribbon handle.  The kids loved putting a few lucky gold coins into their pouches!
At the end, we encouraged families to discuss ways that they are "lucky" and draw and write their ideas on shamrocks.  This is similar to being thankful at Thanksgiving.  I loved hearing the discussions about how the kids were lucky to have a big brother or sister, sweet pet, or warm home.
The pouch was so much fun to make with these fun toddlers!  It's a project we will repeat in the future!

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