Warm Up with Wintertime Sewing

 To start off the new semester of Sewing Club, we stitched up some cozy wintertime accessories.
 I cut up some cute fleece into large rectangles, enough for everyone to get at least 2 pieces.  We discussed the stretchy side of fleece and how it's not only soft, but doesn't fray!
 A favorite project was the Hat Attack! from Sewing School.  The addition of pompoms on top are just too cute!
A super fun cowl was made from stitching two pieces of fleece together.

Did you know that if you sew one rectangle up on the long sides, you have a quick muff?!  Thread some yarn through it and tie it around your neck, then tuck in your hands. Ahhh....toasty warm!
 Wristwarmers are so much fun!  Click here for an easy tutorial.  This time, however, instead of leaving a thumb hole during the sewing process, the kids just sewed up the sides and cut out a slit to stick their thumbs through - much easier!
Stay warm this winter!

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