Dishtowel Aprons

We made these super quick and fun dishtowel aprons in Sewing Club.  They are a riff on the Get to Work Apron in Sewing School, but can be handsewn in about an hour.

Dishtowel - really any size will work here
At least 1 yard of 3/4 or 1-inch wide ribbon
Handsewing kit or machine
Fun embellishments like ric-rac, ribbon, buttons, fabric markers, etc.

To help the young sewers and ensure success, I presewed a length of ribbon to the top of the dishtowels by machine.  You can either sew about 1and 1/2 yards across the top of the towel or sew 1/2 yard to each side of the top of a towel.  I wish I had taken a detail shot of this, but you can figure it out by looking at the photos in the post.  This way, I was sure that the ties would hold and the kids could concentrate on decorating their aprons.

You can make these aprons long with a little patchwork pocket, but everyone wanted the "Get to Work" style.  To make those, fold the bottom of the dishtowel up to about 2 inches or so below the top of the towel.
Next, draw lines with chalk to mark the pockets you want.  Sew up the lines using a running stitch or with a machine.  This is where the kid is in charge.  They thought about what they would put in the pockets and how the aprons could be used.
 These ric-rac lines are just too clever!  The kids had fun using ric-rac, ribbons, and fabric markers to embellish their aprons.

I'm sure these little sewers will have fun with their new aprons!

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