Olympic Inspired Medals

"I medaled in sewing, what about you?"  "Me, I think I'm going to medal in swimming or maybe ballet."

These were the fun conversations overheard while sewing Olympic inspired medals in Sewing Club.
While some kids cheered for Team USA, others chose to make medals that represent what they do best.
 They are really quite simple to make.  We used Sewing School 2's Cookie Coin Saver pattern and made mini stuffies. 
After tracing and cutting the circle pattern twice onto muslin, the kids decorated the medals using fabric markers and Sharpie markers.  Then, you sew around the edges, leaving a small hole for stuffing.  Stuff and sew the hole closed.
 To add the ribbon, fold it in half (we used about 18 inches or so) and sew the middle fold onto the edge of the medal using small stitches.  Yes, more experienced sewers can tuck the ends of the ribbon into the medal and sew it closed, but I was afraid that would be a bit too complicated and might fall apart for my youngest of sewers.  Now, tie the ends together and wear with pride!
We even had some gold medal moms!  (I think this would be an awesome Mother's Day gift!)
Future Olympians!
Me?  I think I'll medal in sewing, or maybe skee ball.

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