Love Catchers

Inspired by this awesome Martin Luther King, Jr. project, we decided to make Love Catchers in Sewing Club.  This no-sew project was a big hit and super cute!
 To start, we used thick, paper coated floral wire twisted into a simple heart shape (after experimentation, we found that the floral wire was a lot sturdier than pipecleaners.)  We made the hearts for the younger students.

Using lengths of yarn about a foot long, the kids wrapped the hearts.  After the heart was wrapped along the edges, the fun began!  They cut another length of yarn and began to weave the catcher.  Weave around, over, back and forth. 
 When you're satisfied with your love web, add a ribbon loop for hanging.
Of course, embellishments added with hot glue are a must!

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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