I am crazy excited to share the Jack-O-Hoop with you!  This is one of those projects that emerged from some brainstorming with Sewing Club teachers and turned out better than we ever expected.  If you sew with kids, you should add this to your must-do list this Halloween!

Materials needed:  Embroidery hoop filled with orange cotton fabric (any size of hoop will work, our larger ones are 10 inches), black felt, sewing thread and needles, chalk, wine cork, green felt, green chinelle strip, hot glue

First, cover the embroidery hoop with orange cotton fabric.  Make sure the fabric is in the hoop really tightly!  Trim the fabric close in the back of the hoop so that it will not poke out the edges.  For Sewing Club, we pre-made the hoops for the kids.

Next, draw the face shapes onto felt with chalk.  Cut them out and place on hoop.  If sewing with kids, remind them that the metal screw is the top of the hoop so that the face will not be upside down.
Sew on the face.  Some kids might need you to pin the pieces in place.  They can just use one long piece of thread to sew on all the face pieces like in traditional embroidery. 
I love the top that fellow Club teacher Katie designed.  First, hot glue a wine cork to the top of the hoop near the metal screw.  Cut out a felt leaf and glue it onto the cork.  Ideally, the leaf will hide the metal screw.  Then, add a curled up green chenille strip.  Twist it around the metal screw.  You can also add a ribbon for hanging.
 Once you get going, you'll want to stitch up an entire pumpkin patch!
The possibilities are endless as you'll see from the many cute examples I couldn't help but show you!

 Happy Jack-O-Hooping!


Cassi said...

This is so great! I'll be sharing on The Crafty Crow soon!

Jessica @ Food for Thought said...

Thanks for posting this! I added this to our handicraft for homeschool, with a variation for my eldest. This is something that even a novice seamstress like me can teach!