Football Fever

It's football season and down here in the south, we take that seriously.  To celebrate our school's Homecoming, we stitched up some cute footballs.
The pattern was a very simple football silhouette.  Trace and cut out twice onto brown felt.  Start sewing around the edges and leave an opening for stuffing.
Stuff the football halfway, insert a small beanbag, keep stuffing and sew up the hole.  I machine sewed these little beanbags (about 3x3 inches) to give the balls some weight so they may be thrown.  Additionally, by having the beans housed in a little beanbag, the beans won't get loose and poke out of the ball.  These worked like a charm!
Hot glue was used to add decorations to the footballs.  Ric rack made great lacing lines.

Some kids chose to make basketballs or baseballs using the So Soft Pillow pattern from Sewing School. 
Advanced Sewing Club members had fun using sewing machines to make their footballs.  After stuffing the balls, they were hand sewn closed.
Go Team!

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