A Wee Mouse

 We are sewing in Second Grade!  When we read a fun, short poem The Elf and the Dormouse in our reading curriculum, I immediately thought of the Quiet Mouse project in Sewing School.  What a perfect way to end our week.
I set up the materials so that the kids could work at their own pace.  Felt was cut into small squares just a little larger than the pattern.  A "scrap basket" was used so that the kids could share small scraps to make coordinating mouse ears.  I also had a notions basket filled with ribbons, trimmings, and buttons on a nearby table.
While I modeled the simple project, I also posted the directions, straight from Sewing School, so that kids could refer back to steps and see how to make the stitches.  I can't tell you how many times I said, "Now you are on Step 6." 
Many of my students hadn't sewn since kindergarten and had fun remembering how much fun it is.  The beauty of this project is the freedom that you have in creating the ears, nose, tail, and personality of the mouse.
 Experienced sewers helped others and were a source of inspiration. 
The stash of zippers in the notions basket were quickly turned into tails and an entire family of zippy mice were formed!
 Each wee little mouse is unique.
To go along with the mouse, I made some "wee books" in honor of our favorite vocabulary word of the week - "wee." 
I encouraged the kids to write about their mice.  This activity proved to be a wonderful extension to the project.
After writing their "wee books, " they enjoyed reading them in a a "wee voice."

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