Sewing Birthday Party

The Sewing Club teachers had fun hosting another great birthday party for a very special 7 year old.  This year, the inspiration for the sweet initial project came from Pure Joy Events. (You must see the post for the cutest sewing party ideas ever!)
When the party goers arrived, they sat down at their place.  The envelope held their first initial.  Our hoops were 9 inches and the initials were about 6 inches tall to leave room for embellishment.  The felt is Eco Felt.
After a quick tutorial, the kids got sewing.  They had all sewn with us in kindergarten, so this project was super simple for them to start.  To make things easier, we pre-threaded some needles with coordinating colors.
After sewing on the initials, the embellishment began!  Here, each sewer was able to add a touch of personality.  Colorful buttons were a big hit!
 I love how each one is different!  I showed the kids how to make a simple little flower like the "Crazy Daisy" pin in Sewing School.
The birthday girl hosted a game of "guess how many buttons are in the jar".  The prize?  A copy of Sewing School!
A party gift for the birthday girl was a handmade autograph pillow.  It's cute fabric on one side, and muslin on the other so that the party goers could sign it with fabric markers.
Mrs. Shannon did it again with her super cute favors!  She made mason jar pin cushions and filled them with chocolate buttons.  She also made giant button lollypops which the kids loved!
The birthday girl's party goodies!
Happy Birthday! 

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