Sewing School 2 Thank You Party

We celebrated the release of Sewing School 2 with a special Thank You party for our fabulous models and supporters at Sew Memphis.  It was so much fun to see the kids find their signed copy of the book and look for their project and photos.  Since we worked on the book over a period of about 2 years, many of them look so much older!

Yep, that's our cover girl posing with her copy!  She has a haircut, but still the same great style.
A rockin' felt band played along with a special Sewing School 2 playlist.
Looking through the book with with parents.  We are so lucky to have worked with so many wonderful families.
 Cupcakes and a special trail mix featured in Sewing School 2 were served.
Thumbs up for Sewing School 2!

Big thanks to Mary Allison and Susan at Sew Memphis for letting us take over their store for the party.  We are panning a big book release party in early August, so look out for that!

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