Quiet Mouse Sachets

One of the first projects I ever sewed with kids was what became the Quiet Mouse in Sewing School.  It's easy, fun, and lends itself to so many variations.  This week in Sewing Club, we put a modern twist on the basic sachet, by sewing up some Quiet Mouse Sachets. 
 The kids laughed when I told them that they could put the little mice in their underwear drawers!
For our scent, we mixed lavender and rice.  I find that the rice gives it a little body and makes the lavender easier to scoop.  A single Tablespoon will do.

The trick to adding the lavender is to first stuff half of the mouse, then add a Tablespoon of lavender, then continue stuffing.  This way, the scent is in the middle and won't poke out while sewing the mouse closed.
Now you can get creative and give your mouse some personality.  You can easily sew on the ears, nose, tails, and eyes.  The kids love, love, love hot glue, so that's what most of them did.
 The mice came together quickly and most kids made a few.

Some of the Advanced Sewing Club members made a giant Quiet Mouse!  That was a first and turned out super cute!

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