Hat Attack!

A fellow kindergarten and Sewing Club teacher and I were invited to sew with a group of first and second graders at another school last week.  We weren't sure about the skill level, so we thought that the Hat Attack pattern from Sewing School would be a great place to start - simple, fun, and perfect for winter.
The kids jumped right in and did a great job.  I pre-cut the fleece fabric into strips that were 28 inches x 9 inches.  (You get 8 hats per yard of fleece.)  This made it easy for them to trace and cut out the hat pattern twice onto each strip.  Then, they started stitching.  At first, the kids were a bit timid and were afraid of making mistakes or poking themselves.  Pretty soon, though, they gained confidence and were so proud of their accomplishments!
 Those that finished early began to use the scrap fleece to make beards and scarves.
I hope we can sew with them again!