Toddler Sewing Club

Our first Toddler Sewing Club was a big success!  The little 2 & 3 years old came with their Moms and eagerly got to work making little sewn ornaments.
 I think the moms had just as much fun as the kids sewing together.  They commented on how much their child enjoyed sewing and could see the fine motor benefits as well. 

To make our ornaments, we used 4-inch embroidery hoops, burlap, yarn, plastic needles, pony beads, and 12-inches of ribbon.
Put the burlap on the embroidery hoop and screw it on super tight.  Then, carefully cut off all the excess burlap around the back of the hoop.   It helps to pre-cut several strands of yarn about arm length and knot the ends.  We also threaded several needles in various yarn colors to get the kids going.

 This is what our table set-up looked like.  When the kids came we gave them a threaded needle and quickly showed the parents how to help their child sew.  The kids loved adding the beads!  When the yarn strands got short, we helped to knot off and cut the ends of the yarn.  At the end, a ribbon tie was added.  Everyone went home with a unique sewn ornament.
I bet the ornaments look so cute on their Christmas trees!


Anonymous said...

I am so impressed by what you are doing! Your background in early childhood education is beautifully reflected in how you are introducing the little ones to the pleasures of sewing. THANK YOU for your efforts in this endeavor! This is simply outstanding! I can't wait to order your book! BRAVA!!!!

Amie Plumley said...

Ah, thanks for your kind comment! I am having so much fun sewing with little ones and hope you will too!