Gift Card Cozy

You know those people who you really don't know what to get and you think a gift card is the way to go?  Well, you can still give them a little bit of handmade goodness with a gift card cozy.  I started making these for the Brooks Museum Holiday Artist Market and couldn't stop - they are so fun to make and super cute too!

These also make great little no-cash wallets.  I use one to hold my ID & credit card when I'm on the go.

Gift Card Cozy Tutorial:

1. Cut 2 pieces of felt 3 x 4 inches. 

2.  Sew together, leaving a short end open.  Use your presser foot for the seam allowance.  Backstitch down just a little longer than usual because you are going to trim the top edge.

3.  Trim around all edges using pinking shears.  (No pinking shears?  That's OK, leave edges as is.)

4.  Iron on patch (see how to below).

5.  Fill with your gift card!

Making the patches:
I made a whole bunch at once - it's addictive!

Materials:  ultra heat'n bond, cute fabric scraps

1.  Cut out an image you like, make sure you have a big border around the image.
2.  Lay it on the heat'n bond, image facing up.  You can lay a whole bunch of images on the heat'n bond and fill it up.  Slightly overlapping the fabric makes it easier to iron.
3.  Put a piece of parchment paper on top of the fabric/heat'n bond and iron.  If you've never used heat'n bond before, read the directions before.  The parchment paper will help to make sure that your iron doesn't get all sticky.
4.  Cut around the images you want.
5.  Peel off the back of the heat'n bond and iron onto your gift card cozy.
The fun part is choosing just the right cozy for each loved one!  Happy gift card giving!

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