Toddler Sewing Club

Toddler Sewing Club
for boys and girls ages 2 & 3 and their parents
Friday, December 7, 9am
Miss Lee's at Grace-St. Luke's Episcopal School
I am super excited to be leading a Toddler Sewing Club with my fellow kindergarten teachers at my school.  If you live in Memphis and have a 2 or 3 year old, we hope that you can join us!  At this "Mommy and Me" event, we'll be making a sweet Christmas ornament.  Many of the materials are similar to what I used in Frankie's Toddler Sewing Kit.

If you aren't in Memphis, I'll be sure to report on how everything went and give tips for hosting your own Toddler Sewing Club!

You know, you're never too young to start sewing!

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