Kids Sewing Gift Guide: Sewing Kits

For any sewer, a good sewing kit is a must!  It keeps all essential tools close by and in order.  Plus, for a kid, a personal sewing kit is an invitation to create.

I personally have not found the perfectly stocked kid's sewing kit ready to buy in any store.  Instead, I make my own by putting together all the kid tested tools and supplies recommended in Sewing School.   Look in the sidebar under "In the Child's Sewing Basket" for ideas.  You could also take a pre-made sewing kit and add a few extras.

Find a good container to store the kit in.  Tins, little boxes, and even Chinese take-out containers work well.  One of the cutest sewing boxes tutorials I've seen is by Chez Beeper Bebe.
 Have a little one?  Last year, I made a cute Toddler Sewing Kit for my 4 year old son and he still loves it!

If you don't feel like putting together all of your own supplies and live in Memphis, you can pick up one of my kits at the Brooks Museum Holiday Artist Market, Trolley Stop Market, Sew Memphis, or The Cotton Museum.  They come in a cute Chinese take out box.

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