Glove Monsters

This week in Sewing Club we made monsters and creatures out of gloves and socks.  What a big hit this project was!  Everyone was so excited and immediately began to dream up ideas for their gloves.
 Some wanted to make a monster they could wear.
 Little socks were turned into ghosts.
 A spooky purse...or two.
 A glove and some extra fingers make a bat!
 How cute is this little bunny???
 Extra fingers became googly eye monsters!
 While many kids sewed on their embellishments, the hot glue was also used...a lot.
I love how extra fingers were traded with friends to create even crazier monsters!

To get the kids inspired, I Googled "Glove Monster" and a ton of cute examples came up.  Some are even kid-made.  So, go find all those lone gloves and socks you have lying around and make some monsters!

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Miki said...

Awe, what a great idea! ;)

Hope you're having a nice week!