Frankie's Jack-o-Lantern

Frankie just sewed up his first project - a stuffed Jack-o-Lantern.  He's been having fun with his little sewing kit and has helped push down the foot pedal on the sewing machine, but this was his first hand sewn project.
Stuffing the pumpkin was the best part!
Here he is sewing the hole closed.  For the most part, I held the fabric taut for him and he sewed between my hands.  This is a great way to help out first-time young sewers.
All sewn up!
It needed a spooky face, so he drew one on with Sharpies.

He is so proud of his Jack-o-Lantern and has been sleeping with it.  I can't wait to see what he makes next!

Stuffed pumpkins are super fun to make!  We used a plate as our pattern, but look at these pillows made last year in a fellow kindergarten class.

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