Make Your Own Sewing Cards

If you are thinking about introducing sewing in your classroom or home but aren't sure where to start, may I suggest the sewing card.  While you can purchase some, I think it's more fun to make your own!

We used card stock to draw the design on, but any kind of heavy paper would work.  Then, cut out around the image in a big blob so that there's an edge to it.  Punch holes all around, about an inch or so apart.  Now, start sewing!  To start, we use plastic needles and lacing strings.  I tie big knots on the end and get the kids to thread their own needles.
 They really enjoy experimenting with different stitches.  We tried out the running stitch and the whip stitch!
While most of my students jumped right into sewing with fabric and real needles, a few were a little nervous.  They didn't think they could sew.  This simple activity helped them to feel more confident to try "real" sewing.

P. S.  I am just realizing that these sewing cards are just like the Stuffie project from Sewing School, only in paper form!

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