Classroom Sewing Kit

I am often asked about how I set up my classroom for sewing. What materials I have out for the kids and how it's organized.
This year, I have three containers on the bottom of my art shelf.
One is filled with fabric scraps. There is a variety of fabrics including felt, cotton, and burlap. Most of the scraps are small to medium in size and may be used for both sewing and other crafts.
Next to the fabric is a bin filled with with polyfil stuffing. Making pillows is a popular activity in kindergarten!
At the end is a yellow bin where kids can put their works in progress. Some years I give the kids plastic gallon sized bags to put their projects in, but a simple bin also works well. I have the kids take off the needles before putting their projects in the bin.
I keep a basket with needles and needle threaders, pins, scissors, and thread on my desk. This way I can keep track of the materials and make sure they are used appropriately. As the year goes on, they will begin to thread their own needles and become more independent in their sewing. In older classrooms, you might be able to put the basket of supplies on your art shelf.

If you are thinking about adding sewing to your art area in your classroom or home, you should! Start small and let your kids guide you as you move along and sew projects. All the sewing tools and materials we use in the classroom are the same ones recommended in the Sewing School book. You can also find a list of supplies in the "In the Child's Sewing Basket" in the sidebar at the right.

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Colville Clan said...

Do you ever need more fabric, or are you all set with that? I got carried away with a sale and bought too much of a pattern that I won't be using again.