Tin Can Stilts

Nothing beats walking around on a hot summer afternoon on some homemade tin can stilts!
We just finished reading Ramona and Her Father (quite a heavy book for a second grader, but that's another discussion) and in it, Ramona makes tin can stilts.  So, we did too.  There are many ways to make tin can stilts, but we made ours like Ramona.
Here's what you need:  2 cans (we used coffee cans), hammer, big nail, kitchen twine or jute, sharpie, and scissors and masking tape (not pictured).
Make marks with Sharpie on each side of the top of the cans.
Hammer a big nail into each Sharpie dot you made to make a hole.  Phoebe is doing a good job posing for me here - I helped her hammer.
Thread the jute down through one side and up through the other.  We put masking taped on one end to help thread it through.  Stand on the cans and pull up the string to figure out how long each handle should be.  Cut the string and tie the ends together.
Have fun!  Ramona is right - they are very loud and fun to walk around in.
But be careful, because you might fall and the strings can break after awhile.

Have fun on your tin can stilts!

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