Summer Reading: Crafty Chloe

Remember my big stack of Summer Reading? Well, here's my latest review.
As soon as I heard that Heather Ross, one of my all-time favorite fabric designers, was illustrating a children's book about crafting, no less, I got very excited!  I am so pleased to report that Crafty Chloe lives up to my expectations.  I read it to my campers and they related to the story and wanted to get a closer look at the illustrations.
Filled with touches of humor, such as covering a baby brother in googly eyes, the book is really about the power of making gifts with your own hands.  As a crafter, I take great joy in making for others and I know that those who receive my little gifts know they are from the heart. nice.

Also, Chloe has her very own web page filled with project ideas.
Crafty Chloe at her machine
I do believe I am living with my very own Crafty Chloe!
Crafty Phoebe at hers


Katie said...

Sounds like such a sweet book. Thanks for the review.

C-Joy said...

We just added this book to our collection -my daughter loves it! Can' wait to check out the website :)