Favorite Things Quilt

Phoebe made this sweet little quilt as part of a favorite authors camp.  Inspired by Patricia Polacco's The Keeping Quilt, the kids were given a square of muslin and asked to draw several favorite things or memories on the "quilt" using fabric markers. It turned out to be a cute little keepsake that I'm sure I'll be using in my classroom next year!

While that was the end of the project at camp, Phoebe has turned it into a "real" quilt for her favorite stuffed animal.  She added a backing and batting and I helped her to make a quick flip and turn quilt.  She even sewed along the block lines she had made which gives it a nice quilted feel.  This was a great intro into quilting for her and I'm sure we'll be working on a larger project in the future!
Some of her favorite things - diving at the pool, our cats (who are now departed) Donut and Bullitt, and that pink blob is ice cream.

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