Sunflower Wall Story

 For our seed study, my class worked together to create a wall story.  I have been watching Mrs. Egley's Kindergarten class write wall stories all year and thought it was time for my class to write one too!

After reading books like The Tiny Seed, we decided on a seed cycle story about a sunflower.
I divided the class into pairs and gave them each a part of the story.  They worked together to write a few sentences about their part of the story.

Then it was time to create the illustration.  We made tissue paper collages inspired by Eric Carle.  A glue and water mixture was fun to paint on.
 They story goes from seed... flower...
...and back to seed again.

You can see the whole story in pictures from my last post.

The kids have enjoyed reading their story to each other and friends.  I'm sure that wall stories will be more frequent in my classroom next year!


Mrs. Egley said...

Yeah!!!!! I am so happy that I was able to inspire you to write a wall story. We use interactive writing everyday. In preparation for our field trip to a local farm we rewrote Mrs. Wishy-Washy. Look for my post real soon!!

Diane (Mrw. Egley)

Amie Plumley said...

Thanks, Mrs. Egley! You are such an inspiration!