From Sewing School

It's always so exciting to be reading a favorite blog or get an email in my inbox about a Sewing School project.  To see kids that I don't know sewing my patterns and having fun is such a thrill!  I had to share with you some of my newest favorites.  Also consider this an opportunity to discover new blogs and other like-minded folks who enjoy sewing with kids.
My Very Own Skirt as seen on Such Designs

Apple Pincushion from While She Naps

Super Hero Cuff sewn by Love Them Madly
Aren't these all so cute!  I love how each one is different and the kids made them their own.  That's what we really try to convey in the book.  To sew a project is one thing, but to make it uniquely yours is something special.

Have you posted about a project you've sewn from Sewing School?  Let me know!  It makes my day.  Really.  I mean it!


Lori said...

Just gave Sewing School to my daughter thursday on her birthday! Will be sharing soon what she makes ;-)

Amie Plumley said...

yea Lori! I can't wait to see what your daughter sews! Hope you'll share what she makes with me.