Toddler Sewing Kit

Frankie has a sewing kit of his very own!  He often wanders into the craft room while Phoebe and I are busy sewing, cutting, and creating and will ask to cut some fabric or play with the ribbon box. Lacing cards are OK, but that's not "real sewing."  

So, for his 4th birthday I put together a simple kit with materials and tools that I thought might give him something to do while I'm sewing as well as help him start sewing.
In his kit (a large, repurposed tin), is:
*a pair of scissor
*lots of colorful fabric
*an 8-inch hoop
*burlap for the hoop
*plastic needles
*yarn for sewing
So that the yarn wouldn't get all tangled, I pre-cut lengths of yarn, tied a knot at the end, threaded the needles and wound them around wooden spools.  Frankie liked unwinding the yarn.

I also found some good ideas for toddler sewing here.  We started out small, but I'm sure we'll adding new notions and such soon.
Such concentration cutting fabric into little bits.  You already know that sewing and cutting are wonderful fine-motor skills.  I also see in my classroom how sewing helps to focus children and allows them to slow down and really concentrate on something.  The kids that are bouncing off the walls one minute will be calm and centered as soon as they begin a project.  It's magic.
Frankie and I happily sewed and cut for about an hour - that's a long time for this little guy!  He also experienced such a sense of pride - he was really sewing - "just like you and Phoebe!"


jenny_lisk said...

Great idea. Do you have him sew mostly with the burlap? I'm trying to figure out how a plastic yarn needle would go through fabric. Is the fabric in the kit just for cutting practice and playing with, or do you have some kind of non-sharp yarn needle that goes through fabric? Would like to put something like this together for my 2.5yo niece for christmas. thanks for the great idea!

Amie Plumley said...

Jenny, yes, he can sew with burlap independently. We just moved up to felt and a real needle & thread, but I help him to sew when he uses them. The fabric in his kit is for cutting, gluing, and playing with right now. I haven't found a non-sharp needle that sews cotton fabric with ease. The great thing about burlap, is that there are many different colors. A light fabric with a loose weave might work well too. I'm sure your niece will LOVE it!