Fall Tapestry

 We have been hard at work on this year's fall tapestry.  The Tapestree Table continues to be a popular activity in my classroom.  I really can't tell you enough how much I love it!  (I just clicked on the link and saw that they are discontinued!  So sad!)
 I put out a basket full of yarn bobbins in fall colors.    The kids experimented with stitches.  Making some long, some short, some going over stitches, and working on little pictures.  That little house is amazing!
 As usual, everyone spends some time under the table looking at the strings, trying to rethread needles, and just looking.
During Grandparents' day, some of the kids got out the table to sew with their grandmothers.  They showed them how to cut the yarn and thread the needles.  I loved hearing the discussion about sewing. 

Next, we will prepare it for hanging.  We already have some plans for the perfect hanger.

See more about the Tapestree Table in my classroom.

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Shannah said...

What a great table! I love the collaborative nature of this too. Such a beautiful piece to have in the classroom. Thanks for sharing! I'm off to google if I can find something similar.