Time for School

My summer is officially over.  I'm not sure how that happened.  It's still too hot to go to school!

A few things I will miss about the summer:
*being the last one in my family awake in the morning
*wearing shorts and flip flops all day
*tending to the garden
*playing with my kids and going swimming
*an hour a day to myself for crafting
Things to look forward to about the new year:
*eager children ready to learn
*chatting with my wonderful co-workers
*watching my students learn and grow
*sewing club
*new crayons and markers
Reading Kristin's post helped to remind me why I teach and why the summer must come to an end.  Bonus, teaching involves a lot of great crafts and art - like the backpack tags above.

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kristin said...

i laughed out loud reading your "things you'll miss about summer" list...so very much like mine, especially the part about being the last one out of bed. sigh

also, thank you for the shout out Amie.