Say It With Bunting

Bunting is so much fun isn't it?  It started with this Happy Birthday bunting and then I started making ones that say other things like "welcome."
These make super gifts and are so easy to make - you should make some too!  The best part is that they are easily customized. 
Here's how:  Cut squares from scraps - 3 1/2 x 5 1/2.  Then freehand felt letters about 2 inches tall.  Sew on the letters with a running stitch and embroidery or craft then.  Machine sew the squares onto ric-rac.  I think that 14 or 15 squares is just about perfect, so if your saying is a little short, add some blank squares at the beginning and end.  I start sewing the squares about 20 or 22 inches i and leave just a small space between the squares.
The finishing touch is a little bag to house the bunting in while not in use.  It can be a tricky thing to store.  I mean, you might only need your Happy Birthday bunting a few times a year.  I made simple drawstring bags and stamped what the banner says on the outside so you know what's inside. 
P. S.  If you live in Memphis, you can find Say It With Bunting at the Trolley Stop Market where I sell under the name Fussbudget. 

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