Make a SockAround

What's a SockAround? It's a cross between a hacky sack and a bean bag - a little ball of fun made from an old sock.

I had a bunch of old Tumpette socks left over from when my kids were babies.  It's a pity that they don't come in big girl and boy sizes.  Anyway, I was holding on to them for no reason, except that they are super cute.

Finding a good second home for them is nice.  The kids at camp went crazy for this easy project and I thought your little sewers might too.  You don't need to use baby socks, any size will do.

Holden will show you how to make one:
You need a sock, sewing supplies, and beans (rice or dried noodles will work too).

Step 1:  Fill the bottom part of the sock with the beans.   Feel it to make sure you like the amount - you don't want it too big or too small.
Step 2:  Cut off the top part of the sock.  Leave about 2 inches of sock at the top.  You don't want to cut too close to the beans.  (P.S.  Keep the top of the sock for another project.)
Step 3.  Fold up the top of the sock.  You need a good fold so that the beans won't fall out!
Step 4:  Sew up the top of the sock where you folded it.  Make close, small stitches.
Step 5:  Knot off and cut thread.  You have a SockAround!
What to do with your SockAround?  We juggled, tossed it around, and even made up a little ring toss game.

I like how the pink SockAround was folded in neatly and sewn with a whipstitch.

The tops of the socks make excellent wrist warmers.  Just make a little slit for your thumb and slip it on.  A few girls made ponytail holders with strips of sock.  At sewing camp, no fabric is left unused!

Have fun sockin' around!


sherbear said...

Love all the ideas!

Amie Plumley said...

Thanks, Sherbear! Glad you are finding some inspiration!