Bug Study: Resources

To finish up the Bug Study posts, I thought I'd give a round-up of some of the resources used.  Really, this is just for me to have everything in one place, but maybe you'll find it useful too. 

Please comment with any bug/insect resources you use!
There are so many great books out there - I have a large selection.  Since I'm at home now, I'm just going from memory.  You'll want some general insect/bug books with lots of pictures and facts.  Listed below are some of my favorites that are more story based.
Bug Safari - a bug adventure in your backyard
Where Butterflies Grow- beautifully covers the life cycle of a butterfly as well as the flowers that attract them
I'm a Pill Bug - wonderful explanation about these curious creatures.
Bugs are Insects - my go-to book for explaining the difference between insects, spiders, and other kinds of creepy crawlies
Beetle Bop - fun read-aloud with great illustrations to inspire artwork
Don't forget all the wonderful Eric Carle insect/bug books!
Bug Activities from Posts Pasts:
Here are some of my favorite buggy activities that I have posted about.
weaving a spider web - turn a paper plate into a spider web and add insects and a big spider
make antenneas - pipe cleaner antenneas.  you need a pair!
stuffed bugs - making bug stuffies is a great sewing project
the life of a butterfly - beans and noodles represent the stages of a butterfly's life
keeping butterflies - our personal journey of "growing a butterfly"
On-Line Resources:
Here are some other go-to resources when planning a bug unit.
Bugs + Butterflies Camp - love these ideas and resources from Kleas.  I'll be using them next year in my classroom.
Strange Faces of Insects - this video is great but watch it before you show it to kids.  It might make a few weary.
The Magnifying Glass - great website focusing on kids and nature.  Click on the "insect" category for lots of great ideas and information.
I know that there are a ton out there and we used the internet a lot for answering questions during our research and finding out specific information.
One thing is for sure - kids are fascinated by bugs.  No wonder, they are all around us.  We are in constant contact with them.  The more I have learned about bugs, the more interested I've become in them.  Being able to correctly identify a random bug or type of butterfly is fun.

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