T-shirt Bags

T-shirt bags may be one of the easiest and most satisfying recycled sewing projects. Have you made one yet?  Perfect for farmer's markets, quick shopping trips and holding supplies on the beach! 

Andria and I were invited to sew with a recycling club at a local elementary school.  Everyone brought their own T-shirt.  There are tons of good tutorials out there, but not having actually made these bags with a group of kids, I thought I'd share some tips for making your own.
First cut off the sleeves and the neckband.  Cutting up a T-shirt can be hard for some kids.  Don't try to cut both layers of fabric together.  Instead, show the kids how to cut up the side of the sleeve then go around the sleeve to cut it off.  Much easier.  Do the same thing with the neck.  Also, don't worry about making the neck hole bigger unless you really need to, just cutting off the band seemed to work fine and was quicker. 
Next, you sew up the bottom.  Use small stitches so everything won't fall out of your bag!  If the bottom hem is hard for kids to sew through either cut it off or have them sew right above it.
Many of the kids were first time sewers and couldn't have been prouder of their work!  Everyone finished their bags within an hour.  At home, Phoebe and I made a few with outgrown baby T's for a cute little handbag!

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