Stuffed Animal Vet Clinic

Our annual  Sewing Club Vet Clinic was last week.   It's such a great way for the kids put their sewing skills to use and give back to our school community.
This year, we invited the entire school (PK-8th grade) to drop-off injured stuffed animals for repair.  Drop-off is super easy - we use cardboard pet carriers from a pet supply store.  I made a quick little sign to explain the procedure and a pocket holds tags and pencils for labeling.  We just ask the kids to put their name and teacher's name on the tag.  Sometimes they also let us know about the injury.  The drop boxes are placed throughout the school.  As animals were fixed, they were returned to their proper classrooms.
Once an animal is repaired, a little tag is made so the owner will know who did the stitching.
This was the challenge of the year - a bear with a big hole and missing eye.  The solution?  An eye patch that matched the dress!  Sometimes you have to get creative.  I am curious how the eye went missing in the first place...

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