Felt Garden

Welcome to our felt garden.  It's a happy little place that changes as each hand makes a new flower or vegetable.
Each day, the felt board (foam board covered with felt) started off blank until a group of 3 came to cut out veggies and flowers from felt scraps.  Then, a new group of kids rotated to the felt board and added to it.  Glue stick was used to make veggies such as carrots where a green top was needed.
This is where it gets interesting.  The group took a long look and then got to work filling in the gaps.  Kids added roots, worms, and seeds to the existing flowers and vegetables.  Clouds and a sun emerged.

After 3 days of this (we started over each day), the felt board and all the little pieces moved to the Science Lab where different gardens were created.
Lois Ehlert was the inspiration for this work.  As part of our study of seeds and gardening, we read Growing Vegetable Soup and Eating the Alphabet.  A few years ago, I did a similar project where we labeled the garden like Ehlert.

This was such a satisfying project, we will have to make another felt board soon.

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