Phoebe and her Sewing Machine

 Phoebe got a sewing machine for her 6th birthday.  Let's see what she's been making...
 An Eye-See-You Case for her dad's birthday.  (he's a big Eagle's fan.)

 A bag for carrying around her BFF Lamby. 
Strike a pose!  A dress made from the top of an old ballet outfit.  She traced the skirt part from a dress she already has.  I helped her gather it to fit. 
 Can't wait to see what she makes next with her chubby little fingers and awesome fabric stash.  Sew, Phoebe, sew!


Theresa (Miss Charlotte) said...

That is the sweetest little crafty girl I have ever scene! (aside from my own children, but we're not here to talk about them...) How awesome is she? :) I love it!

kristin said...

she certainly is on a roll!! what an awesome sewer she's becoming (maybe she could teach me how to use a machine)