A Gnome of Your Own

 For a fun spring activity, we made little Gnomes.  I got this idea from Kleas (scroll down the post to see) who was inspired by Gingercake.  I put together a tutorial for Sewing Club and thought you might like it too.  The directions are written for kids and Phoebe helped with the tutorial.

Materials Needed:  paper plate, cotton fabric, felt, stuffing, beans, wooden bead for head, sewing kit

 1:  Trace paper plate onto cotton fabric with chalk.  Cut out fabric.
 2.  Sew a running stitch around the edge of the circle.  Do not knot the thread at the end of sewing.
 3.  Take off the needle.  Pull the thread so the fabric gathers.
 4.  Add 2 Tablespoons of beans to the bottom of the gnome body.
 5.  Stuff the body.
 6.  Pull the thread tight and make a knot.
 7.  Make a gnome hat.  Trace a triangle (4 inches x 3 inches) onto felt.  Cut out hat shape.
 8.  Fold the hat in half and sew up the side.
9.  Draw a face on the wood bead with markers.
 10.  Time to hot glue!  This can be a little tricky.  Put glue into the hole of the bead and push the gathered top of the gnome body in.  If it doesn't look perfect you can always add a scarf!
 11.  Glue on the hat. Put the hot glue around the edge of the felt hat and then place the hat on the head.
Look - a gnome of your own!

Maybe your gnome needs a little scarf or a home or a toadstool?

The ones from Sewing Club were so cute - I'll post their gnomes next.

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kristin said...

(i love that you email me...don't you know by now i never miss a blog post of yours?)

i love this purely kid made version...i often struggle with giving too much help to my preschoolers, but as some are newly 3 and some are almost 6 the range in development is huge! i always try to incorporate at least "parts" of the project that is theirs...