Happy Heart Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from mine to yours!

I learned all I know about recycled crayons from Pink and Green Mama.  This year, we smashed the crayons with hammers - lots of fun!  The little pieces gave the crayons a great speckled effect.  A heart shaped silicone tray helped to make the process easier.  The crayons were hot glued on to the cards, and pop right off when it's time to color.

For Frankie's cutie valentines, I just wrote the message on the sticker and let him attach them to his favorite fruit.  Note to self for next year, get smaller stickers, the 1 inch ones were too big.


Kristie said...

wow, I bought a copy of your book and it is fantastic, thank you..it's ACE

katie jean said...

I love seeing your fun and easy valentines! The oranges are so cute with the sticker. And the heart crayons are always something that I have wanted to make! Hope you had a great day!