Stitchin' Up Some Love

Sewing Club was all abuzz with L-O-V-E this week.
We didn't have a project of the week, but simply put out a selection of Valentine fabric, felt and foam stickers, ribbon, and headbands out for the kids to transform.  I also had some heart patterns in various sizes.  I love giving kids some inspirational materials and letting them loose to create. 

The heart clutch above is just genius!
Making headbands was a huge it!  Even the boys got into it making them for Moms or sisters.  Most used hot glue to attach the ribbon and buttons and felt pieces.  Sometimes it's nice to have an "instant craft."  This morning, I spied several kids wearing their headbands at school. 

You may have noticed that I added some favorites from Valentine's past to the left sidebar.  We made the Valentine Bag again this week in kindergarten - they are so simple and sweet!

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