Like Goldilocks

While talking about fairy tales, we read several different versions of Goldilocks and The Three Little Bears.  Such a curious book for young children.  The subject of porridge was discussed at length.  I described it basically as oatmeal which I discovered nearly all of them loved, especially with brown sugar!
We pretended to be like Goldilocks and made our own oatmeal.  In a non-kitchen classroom, we made instant oats (plain) and then had a choice of 3 toppings - brown sugar, raisins, and/or cinnamon.  After waiting the very long 1 minute for the oatmeal to set, the kids began to mix in their choices.  Then, they graphed what they added to their porridge.

I loved the delighted look on their faces from getting to prepare their own snack and choosing their own toppings.  Lots of discussion went on about how Goldilocks probably liked her porridge best. 

You guessed the most popular combination of toppings, right - all 3 of course!

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katie jean said...

My 12 year old just did a report on Peter and the Wolf. His version of a fairy tale :) I bet Peter ate porridge too!