Tammis Keefe Fabric

For Christmas, we went to Texas to visit my family.  Eric and I got away to Austin for a day and I visited Stitch Lab.  Such a cool place.  Plus, they had in the new Tammis Keefe fabric!  Andria and I swooned over it at Quilt Market.  I had no idea it was coming out so soon. 
It was hard to choose what to get.  Maybe I should have gotten some more?  I can see kids sewing with this fabric.  How can you not smile when you see it?

You can get some yourself here or here!


katie jean said...

gorgeous!! looks so vintage, it is just perfect :) thanks for sharing the link.

p.s. I am off to add your link to the sidebar of my blog :)

Crys said...

Just browsing through your blog. I saw the Commercial Appeal article about about it and your book when I was visiting my grandparents over Christmas. It is funny to see you visited Austin for Christmas b/c I live in Austin and was visiting Memphis for Christmas. haha
Your blog is so much fun to read. Thanks for sharing all the great ideas. I also teach and look forward to trying out sewing with my students.

Amie Plumley said...

Crys - What a small world! Next time you're in Memphis, we'll have to meet up. Glad you find the blog helpful- I'd love to see what you make with your kids. Amie