Fall Weaving: Construction Paper

We finally got out the giant classroom loom.  I used it during sewing camp this summer and the kids loved it.

To start off in the classroom, we used construction paper strips.  I found that the long ways on a large piece of construction paper fit perfectly.  Since we are working towards a fall weaving, we used fall colors.
The kids worked in groups of 3 to weave.  After awhile, I went by and talked to them about how to start each new piece of paper, keeping a weave tight, and patterning.
They were all eager to weave and took great pride in their work.
While most groups went for the traditional weave, I love how these kids tried to make shapes.  It wasn't a big success, but a great attempt. 

Next week we'll begin to weave fabric, yarn, and add fall elements.

Oh - a quick note about the classroom loom, in case you're wondering.  I have found it to be a great value, good quality, and fun addition to our classroom materials.  I think it would be suitable for all grade levels from pre-school up.  It would also be fun at home!  Maybe Phoebe needs one....


reaton said...

I've enjoyed seeing your new class at work. You have so many great ideas. I love the loom.


Amie Plumley said...

Thanks, Renee!