Kid Made: Labels

Here's another kid made cutie from Advanced Sewing School Camp. The girls asked about making labels for their creations. They all had names for their hand sewn lines. Don't you love "Sweet Maple?" It might be my favorite pillow and pouch company.
Labels are easy to make. All you need is muslin (or other light-colored fabric),Heat'n Bond Ultra, and fabric markers.

Cut out a piece of muslin. I made each girl a large square that they could then cut into smaller labels. Back the muslin with Heat'n Bond. Leave the paper on the back of the fabric. Now, cut out label shape and write on it with fabric markers. Peel off the paper backing and iron the label where you want it.
Here are some other labels in action. Above is a Zippy Pouch and below is Snack Attack! From someone who loves to give snappy names to all her patterns, I totally understood the need for labels.
I've also made quick labels this way when we made Valentine's Bags. They are always handy to have around - you never know when you need to label something!

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