Craft Hope Project 8: Gulf Coast Oil Spill

I bet you've heard about the newest Craft Hope project - making little towels to help clean up the sea life affected by the Gulf Coast oil spill. This project is just amazing. It's also very kid-friendly.

In Tennessee, the Gulf Coast is our coast - everyone goes there. I knew the kids would want to help and could relate to the problem. Since my summer camp was already done, I invaded the "Go Green!" camp led by friend and fellow teacher Emilee Cox. Frankie had just moved into his "big boy" bed and I had several crib-sized sheets to donate. To help the kids, I made 10x10 patterns out of cardboard. They traced the patterns onto fabric with chalk or just cut around the pattern. With each little towel made, they carefully folded it up and put it in the stack. I overhead comments like "Here you go, little turtle."

Check out the Craft Hope site and read all the related posts for details. I just checked and currently they are working on getting monetary donations as well so that they can transport the towels to Institute for Marine Mammal Studies. Yeah, they've collected that many towels. It's amazing what crafters can achieve!

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