Celebrating the 4th

Phoebe and I got really caught up in the festivities this year. I whipped up some red, white, and blue flag bunting for the house - it got us all in the mood to celebrate.

I couldn't resist sharing some pictures from our neighborhood parade this morning. It really has a Main St. USA feel. That's my friend Sara sporting the patriotic Saltwater sandals - I nearly flipped when she showed up with them this morning!

Wishing you fireworks and grilled food!

A quick note on bunting - so this was my first time to make it and I really liked it. I made a paper triangle pattern and then cut my fabric using pinking shears. When I collected enough triangles, I zig zag sewed them onto wide double-fold bias tape. I used 1 package. To sew, sandwich one triangle in the bias tape and sew about 3/4 down the triangle. Then stop and position the next triangle right next to it, keep sewing and repeat for each triangle. I made some mini-bunting meant for Phoebe's bike, but it didn't work out well, so we put it up out back. Can't wait for the next holiday to make some more. I'm also thinking the kids would love to make this in Sewing Club.

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