Spring Tapestry

We just started our Spring Tapestry - the last one of the year! This time, we drew a picture on the burlap with sharpies. I talked to the kids about "drawing with your needle" to create a picture. They are loving embroidery and will choose to sew any free chance they get. You can really see how their sewing skills have progressed this year.
In progress: detail of a flower and bumblebee and sweet bunny.

ed - Since you might want to know, here is where I got our Tapestree Table.


kristin said...

i love seeing all the busy little hands at work.

remind me...do you share somehwere in your blog how you make the frame you're using here (as a sort of embroidery hoop) i am thoroughly inspired. thank you!

Amie Plumley said...

Hi Kristin - I got my tapestry table at Blueberry Forest Toys. You could probably make one, though. If you want some more detailed pictures of the actual table, let me know. It would be perfect for your preschool!